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Stop Wasting Your Time On Books And Resources That Aren’t Right For You

Being a Timely Developer means focusing your efforts on the right things at the right time. We all know the joy and value of reading a book at just the time we needed it most. But finding such a book can often feel random at best.

Let me do the hard work.

My name’s Flinn and I’m here to help you find the resources you need to excel in your career and personal growth as a developer.

In my experience working as a web developer and now at ThoughtWorks as a software consultant, I’ve learnt first-hand the importance of constant improvement.

In an industry that demands that you never stop learning, you can often be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content out there.

Allow this blog to act as a road map that will tell you if a resource will answer your questions, challenge you, or just plain bore you.

Who is this blog for?

You have only just joined the industry and you find yourself overwhelmed by a lot of the material out there; nothing seems to make much sense.

Every book list you find recommends the same old classics but never goes into much detail about why they’re important or what questions they might answer.

Resources for the beginner need to be conscious that their readers will need their hand held a lot of the way, at least at first. They should take nothing for granted and leave little unexplained.

This blog explains why a book is important for a new starter, or why it might not be the right time to take it on.

You’ve worked in the industry for a while now and feel like you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals. You’re likely to be looking for resources to hone your craft and refine your good practices.

You have several of the classics under your belt already, although re-reading them from time to time is still of value to you.

Books for intermediates should go into some detail about their topics and shouldn’t focus too much on the minor details. They usually make references to things that wouldn’t be all that relatable to those lacking real industry experience.

This blog summarizes the concepts discussed in a book and figures out what questions it answers. It is accompanied by visualizations to help internalize the information you should be retaining.

You’ve worked in the industry longer than many of your peers and have a deep knowledge of one or more topics that interest you.

Your experience allows you to pick things up faster than many who are newer to development, and so a high-level overview of a book is enough to tell you at a glance if it’s of use to you.

This blog will act as that high-level glance, with summaries of concepts discussed and potential learnings to be had.